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I reached my goal weight of 145 pounds I didn't feel right with that weight I felt to skinny so I decided to stay at 150 and focus on weights and abs 150 in this picture feels dame great
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I finally did it!!! I've lost 40 pounds!!! Sticking to a strict diet and working out everyday really does pay off! I've got muscle, energy, and some serious confidence! I now hope to help and inspire people on their weight loss journeys. I know that losing weight is a difficult battle and there are lots of times where giving up seems like the only thing to do. But these pictures are only 4 months apart! Hard work really does pay off!!
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Half way to my goal!
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Down 65 lbs in four months
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Left: February 2013 Right: Today This 14 month journey continues👍🏻💪🏻
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K, I need your honest opinion!!! My cousins wedding is on Saturday. And I found this dress, and really liked it. So, I bought it. I have a backup dress, however, I wanna wear this one... I asked my friends opinion and he said he's not a fan. What da faq lol. So.... Yes or no?
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#transformationtuesday 8 months apart
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