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1 year apart. ❤️ so proud of myself. Down a total of 74.4 lbs.
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I hated myself, so I tried and tried and tried until it seemed like everything just clicked. It's been almost a year since I made a lifestyle change, it seems like a long time but realistically it goes go fast. Times will be tough rather you're big or small, you just have to choose which one is worth the pain and time.
Woohoo!! Officially made it to Onederland!!!! 😍😍😍 199 even woot
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I can't believe my eyes sometimes. You look in the mirror and you don't see a difference, you might not even feel a difference. However, when I see this I'm amazed at what I have achieved!
As I was working out both of my daughters said "mom your belly looks smaller" the scales says I lost 1lb but I will take that compliment!! 😊
Don't mind me if it feels like I'm stalking weilos this weekend. In need of serious motivation to make it thru the parties...food & alcohol in abundance all weekend. Only saving grace is I'll be in a swimsuit most of the time which means I won't want to eat. Happy 4th everyone!!
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11.9 lbs lost. This makes me so happy 😊 Can't believe it!
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Fell off the bandwagon for a while & gained 11 lbs, resulting in the 1st picture. 28 days later & the second picture is the result! Can't wait to see what changes come about in July! 😊 I HAVE to stay consistent... Enough of the weight fluctuations.
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When your selfies show progress >>>>>
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