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Nothing makes me more motivated to workout like new workout clothes :)
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I will get this together. This is my very last before pictures. I'm at my worse right now. 294 pounds. November 28, 2015. I will do this!
On Monday I start 21 Day Fix/Shakeology. I am nervous but excited at the same time, I created my menu and shopping list and have read everything from front to back. I really hope I can accomplish this plan and be successful at it. Wish me luck!! #21dayfix #newgoals
Going to give it one more try and start watching what I eat ... Starting again this Monday. How do you guys control cravings?? I know I just need willpower - but believe me this is something I can't seem to find!!! I feel like it's more habit to eat at my desk at work. But at work I'm constantly hungry and want to snack!! Help!!!! Please!!??? And yes I already have and tried the 21 day fix.... Just can't seem to get going. Feel like weight watchers is a plan that fits into a true lifestyle change. But just can't get started!!!
Holy hell are like shot for the past three days and haven't gone to the gym since Wednesday. I haven't gotten in the scale and to me that's okay. I'm. Happy with where I'm at BUT I won't stop now. At only 15-20 lbs left to lose give or take after this weekend I won't stop. I can't stop. I've come this far and I will not let the holidays or binge eating on the weekends consume me lol. Back to it tomorrow morning with at least an hour and a half at the gym and then ice skating later on in the day with my boyfriend
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After losing over 100 pounds this is my facial difference. Top Left is now. Right picture is almost 2 years ago.
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I hit rock bottom yesterday at Thanksgiving. None of my clothes fit anymore. I'm at my all-time highest weight. When I saw this picture I was repulsed at what I've become. Definitely cannot wait for the new year to make a change! Would appreciate any advice as a begin this journey.
I was off track for waay too long. I started over on Monday. I've been eating healthy, and drinking a lot of water. Next week I'm starting exercise again. I've already lost 5 pounds since starting over. I can do this!!
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Going to start this Monday for a jump start !! Let me know if anyone else wants to join me so we can help each other through it!! Thought I would share with you all!! #7daychallenge #wegotthis #weliosfamily
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